11 x what to do in bustling Havana on Cuba

For most travelers the bustling capital is the first stop and therefore the first introduction to colorful Cuba. There is enought to do in Havana to keep you entertained for a few days and to recover from your (long) flight before you start exploring the rest of the island. You must definitely have seen or […]

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Shete Boka National Park – the rugged Curaçao

At Shete Boka National Park you will not find a calm azure blue sea and white sandy beaches like on the rest of Curaçao. But a more than 10 kilometers long rugged coastline where the waves constantly hit the rocks and thus formed various natural inlets. Especially if you want to do something different for […]

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Blue Bay: one of the most beautiful beaches of Curaçao

For a long time the beach of Blue Bay at the Blue Bay Curaçao Golf & Beach Resort was only accessible to members, but since 2005 this has changed and the beach can now be visited by everyone. You can spend a day relaxing on the white sandy beach underneath a palm tree, have a […]

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