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My name is Lincy, in my thirties, crazy about traveling and the blogger behind Just Go Travel.

Let’s travel the world

From an early age, I was already dreaming of traveling around the world and I was really looking forward to the day is was going to be able to start exploring the world. In 2004 that day finally came and I left on my first trip abroad, on my own, without family and friends. A summercourse as part of my education in tourism management. The destination: the west coast of the USA.

Since then, I have taken all the opportunities to hit the road and over the past years I have been able to travel a lot to as many as 55 countries on 5 continents. Touring through Europe by car, driving around with a scooter on Nusa Lembongan, searching for the northern lights in Finnish Lapland or driving across the Australian outback by 4WD.

In October 2016, a lifelong dream came true and together with my partner I said: we Just Go and departed on a journey around the world. We gave up all the comfort and certainty of a house, a home and a job to make that one dream trip. In the end, we have been traveling for 8 months and enjoyed the most beautiful spots of Indonesia, Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, Vanuatu, Borneo, Taiwan, Japan, Thailand and Korea.

There are always a lot of reasons to decide not to go traveling, but the choice to make that dream trip was the best decision ever!

Explore the world your own way

Every traveler is different and therefore every trip is personal. Nowadays, you are able to book complete (individual) tours of which everything is arranged for you in advance. But if you are a traveler, just like me, who likes to be the one who decides what a next trip is going to look like, these organized trips always seem to contain days or elements you do not like or want to do differently.

Because what is more fun than making that trip, to which you are really looking forward to and for which you have worked so hard, your own planned dream trip. Booking your own flights, decide on the accommodations yourself, visit cities for as long or as short as you want and especially do what YOU like!

However, in order to organize your own dream trip, you need information and so you will soon find yourself behind a computer for hours. Looking for those special travel tips, but also for practical information. What shouldn’t I miss? How long do I need? How do I get there? Where can I stay overnight?

There is a lot of information on the internet to be found and when I was preparing my own trips, I soon noticed that there was something missing. Where do I find that one website or travel blog on which I can find inspiration for my next trip, but on which I can also find all the necessary practical information? And at that point the idea of JustGo.Travel was born.

Just Go. Just Go Travel!

A travel blog full of inspiration, itineraries, travel tips, travel photography and insider tips & tricks directly from the travel- and aviation industry. Supplemented with extensive practical information to prepare your next trip to anywhere in the world to perfection.

Stop dreaming about that fun city trip, that special road trip or maybe a journey around the world.
But Just Go. Just Go Travel! Explore the world your own way!